Barret Wallace (papacapinyo) wrote,
Barret Wallace

spoilers; I post everything to counselors' journals

This is me pretending to know what I am doing! Hurray!!

Son Gohan
Vacation time amassed:
2 days (two years, eleven months in camp)
Headed for: His home on Mt. Paozu o7 and Satan City
So he can: Eat, hang with his family, and turn in all his homework. :3
Souvenirs: ... he ate them on the way back.

Nogami Ryoutarou
Vacation time amassed:
1 day (one year, seven months in camp)
Headed for: His home, at the time he left, mid-August in 2007.
So he can: See everyone together again :'(
Souvinirs: Clothes, things from his room that he'd been missing, some of the better astrology books from Milk Dipper.
Lost: His best pants.

Barret Wallace
Vacation time amassed: 1 day (one year, one month in camp)
Headed for: His home planet, the city of Midgar
So he can: Check in on Tifa and make sure ShinRa is not fucking with shit. Presumably. Find Sakaki and get his arm checked out. Find cute things for Marlene. All of this!!1 it's okay, it's FF7, his day will be really really really long. Kind of like the wait for the apocalypse.
Souvinirs: I will think more.

EVERYONE ELSE (Maya/Tsubaki/Gon/Usagi/Jackie) has been in camp for less than a year. H-Ha ha ha oh wow. I. Wow. But! Ryoutarou passed 20,000 comments (love me and despair) so you can tag in here and we'll call it an impromptu relationship meme for anyone.
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