Barret Wallace (papacapinyo) wrote,
Barret Wallace

Oh I guess this bears mentioning.

So if the last few days are any indication, my life is going to hell in a handbasket REALLY REALLY FAST. Just -- family! And emotions! And situations I had hoped I would not be in for years! So I'mma not!hiatus in my usual fashion, because whereas I almost always can find time for a thread, I found myself sleeping in front of IRC last night because I was so exhausted from life.

Anyway I will be ~*~AROUND~*~ but there is a very good chance that I will be dead inside and ready to sleep at any given moment. Ping me if you want me and I will TRY!! and I might start some threads but ... really if I drop anything after twenty minutes IT'S NOT YOU BABY, IT'S ME.

Romano I am still going to touch you as soon as I can EVEN IF THAT THREAD TAKES A WEEK I'LL DO IT cuz I wanna real bad. :|b

so that's effecting Gohan/Ryoutarou/Barret/Maya/Tsubaki/Gon/Usagi/Jackie (who I am totes gonna intro eventually I mean it) AS SOON AS I GET TWO HOURS TO MYSELF WHEN I AM NOT PASSED OUT UNDER A BLANKET you know I'm good for it guys, really.

god this post got long and over nothing
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